Skin Care Guide


The Wellness Group's natural skin care range consists of quality products that utilise only the purest natural ingredients, including herbal extracts, essential oils, organic clays and vitamins to harmonise and balance the skin without adding any of the unnecessary harsh, synthetic chemicals, fillers or parabens which can be destructive.

What are the benefits of essential oils in skin care?

Derived from flowers, fruit, grasses, seeds, bark, wood, roots, leaves, balsam and resin, essential oils have been utilised for thousands of years. They are invaluable as they have the ability to work both medicinally and therapeutically. Pure essential oils are readily absorbed via the skin into the bloodstream whilst having a balancing and regulating effect on sebum production.

How can you ascertain the purity of essential oils?

To be considered 100% pure and natural an essential oil must not have been tampered with by either natural or synthetic components. The majority of essential oils sold in Australia have been adulterated to some degree. Unlike many products that may contain these oils we guarantee that our essential oils and base oils are of the highest quality and purity available anywhere in the world.


With good eating habits, water-intake and nutrition, cleansing takes place within the body, which can then have a positive effect on the skin. However, the skin is also exposed to external elements such as pollution, dust, UV exposure, wind and other damaging factors. It is therefore essential that the skin is efficiently cleaned on a daily basis to optimise and maintain skin health.

If the skin is not properly cleansed, dead skin cells can remain, trapping dirt and make up, and leaving your skin with a dull, lustreless appearance that is more prone to clogs pores and congestion.

Proper cleansing will also serve to prepare your skin for the application of other products, and will enhance their penetration and ultimately, their benefit to your skin.

Using cleansers that contain harsh chemicals such as surfactants, parabens and alcohol will only serve to strip the natural oils from your skin, leaving it more vulnerable to elemental exposure and further exacerbating existing skin conditions.

The Skin Wellness range of cream cleansers are designed to efficiently cleanse your skin whilst still allowing your natural oils to remain, offering your skin the protection and nourishment it deserves.

  • Neroli cream cleanser
  • Alpha beta daily cleanser with glycolic acid


The skin has its own cycle of shedding. However this is not always efficient and slows down with age, allowing for a build-up of dead skin cells which leaves your skin dull, lack-lustre, and congested.

Our Skin Wellness range of exfoliants are skin-type specific, as each skin type has its own special needs. By utilising sebum regulating ingredients, this insures that oily skin is not stripped dry, and that dry skin is not left oily.

The Skin Wellness range of exfoliants have a gentle yet efficient abrasive action to help remove dead skin build-up, cleanse the skin and provide collagen stimulation. They are gentle enough to be used on a daily basis.

What are the benefits of daily exfoliating?

  • Leaves the skin looking and feeling fresh and clean
  • Erases minor blemishes and helps prevent their formation
  • Rids the skin of surface flakiness leaving it smoother
  • Evens the contour of the skin
  • Stimulates collagen production

Removes build up around follicles allowing a more thorough cleanse, resulting in the refinement and appearance of open pores and scar tissue

Prepares the skin for the application and penetration of further products – such as a moisturiser.

Facial Exfoliants

  • Teatree and patchouli exfoliant - oily skin and acne prone skin
  • Rosewood and palmarosa exfoliant - dry or mature skin
  • Ylang ylang and sweet orange exfoliant - normal and sensitive skin
  • MDA scrub - designed for a deeper skin exfoliation

Body Exfoliants

  • Macadamia mint foot scrub
  • Tiramisu body salt scrub
  • Chai latte body salt scrub
  • Lemon cheesecake body salt scrub


The fundamentals of a good moisturiser are the three R’s –

  1. Repair damage
  2. Restore hydration and
  3. Revitalise skin health

Moisturisers should be applied after cleansing and exfoliating when the skin is most receptive to rehydration and nourishment.

Our range of moisturisers and serums are designed to replenish lost water, provide protection from free-radicals and nourish your skin. Whatever your skin’s condition, we can offer a solution to leave your skin healthy and happy.

All Skin Types

  • Naturally hydrating moisturiser
  • Rosehip and green tea intensive eye cream


  • Organic rosehip and rose serum

Alpha Beta Skin Specific Moisturisers

  • For acne/oily skin
  • For sun damaged skin

Alpha Beta Skin Specific Night Intensives

  • For acne/oily skin
  • For sun damaged skin

Repairing Moisturiser

  • Sandalwood repair balm with salicylic acid

Alpha Beta Range

The Wellness Group’s Alpha Beta range contains the latest in Natura-ceuticals to care and protect your skin. This range can be used on its own, or in combination with the other Wellness Group products.

Each product in the Alpha beta range contains various herbal extracts and essential oils to help combat a wide variety of skin related problems, plus the added power of Alpha (AHA) and Beta (BHA) Hydroxy Acids.

What are the benefits of Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids?

There are 2 types of exfoliation – manual, using grainy particles such as ground walnut shell and/or jojoba beads, and chemical exfoliation, which involves using Alpha or Beta Hydroxy acids which help to dissolve dead skin cells and remove them from the skin.

AHA’s offer chemical exfoliation of the top skin layers & can be used on all skin types. They are particularly useful for sun-damaged and pigmented skin.

BHA’s offer a similar exfoliation but actually penetrate into the pore & exfoliate from the inside out, making them ideal for acne & problematic skin.


  • Alpha beta daily cleanser


  • For acne/oily skin
  • For sun damaged skin

Night Intensives

  • For acne/oily skin
  • For sun damaged skin